Public Programs at Jenny Jump

UACNJ provides free public programs at our Observatory in Jenny Jump State Forest from April through October on Saturday evenings. An astronomy presentation begins at 8 PM in the lecture hall regardless of the weather and is followed by stargazing on the observatory's telescopes until 10:30 PM, weather permitting.
4/6/19What's Up in the April Sky?Lonny Buinis, Raritan Valley CC
4/13/19Size Scales of the Solar System and BeyondJason Kendall, Wm Paterson University
4/20/19Astronomy for BeginnersKen Taylor, NWJAA
4/27/19What Happened to Pluto?Ron Kunkel, LVAAS
5/4/19What's Up in the May Sky?Lonny Buinis, Raritan Valley CC
5/11/19Making Sir Isaac Newton Proud: Modern-day Newtonian TelescopesRob Teeter, Teeter's Telescopes
5/18/19Journey to the StarsKarl Hricko, AAI & NWJAA
5/25/19Night Vision and AstronomyEarl Pursell, LVAAS
6/1/19What's Up in the June Sky?Lonny Buinis, Raritan Valley CC
6/8/19How the Stars Got Their NamesBill Murray, AAAP
6/15/19The Life (and Death) of StarsWalt Windish, NJAG and RAC
6/22/19Mars Through the Dust StormClif Ashcraft, AAI
6/29/19Eclipses, Occultations, and TransitsGregg Waldron, NWJAA
7/6/19What's Up in the July Sky?Lonny Buinis, Raritan Valley CC
7/13/19Fly Me to the MoonSean Post, NWJAA
7/20/19New Rides to the MoonDale Skran, National Space Society
7/27/19Let's Go to the MoonKarl Hricko, AAI & NWJAA
8/3/19What's Up in the August Sky?Lonny Buinis, Raritan Valley CC
8/10/19Astronomy for BeginnersKen Taylor, NWJAA
8/17/19New Horizons Visits Ultima ThuleMichael Dean Lewis, NASA Ambassador
8/24/19You Bought a Telescope. Now What?Paul Fischer, NWJAA
8/31/19The Milky Way Galaxy - Structure & EvolutionRon Kunkel, LVAAS
9/7/19What's Up in the September Sky?Lonny Buinis, Raritan Valley CC
9/14/19Photographing Night Sky LandscapesStan Honda, AAA
9/21/19Traveling in Space and TimeGary DeLeo, Lehigh University
9/28/19Northern LightsGregg Waldron, NWJAA
10/5/19What's Up in the October Sky?Lonny Buinis, Raritan Valley CC
10/12/19Introduction to Video AstronomyBill Murray, AAAP
10/19/19The Cosmic Distance LadderJason Kendall, Wm Paterson University
10/26/19The Beauty and Power of the UniverseWalt Windish, NJAG, RAC

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