Weekly programs beginning April 3 - RESERVATIONS NEEDED
We have received approval from the State of New Jersey to begin hosting public programs. We've made some changes to ensure the safety of our volunteers and guests, including moving our programs outdoors and limiting the number of attendees.
Please see our reservation page for complete details.

MultiChannel GPS

The multichannel Leica GRX1230 GPS is not used to determine location. It is used to derive and map the total electron content in the upper atmosphere. It detects changes in the plasma density due to time of day, season, atmospheric water vapor, and solar activity and will be employed to measure the horizontal component of gravity waves.

The GPS and antenna were installed on November 6th, 2008. A data feed to the Internet was successfully initiated December 2nd, 2008 after Leica reconfigured the GPS head. The GPS is now powered up and functioning for the duration, recording new readings at 2 second intervals. The antenna is located at 40 deg 54' 26.57715" N and 74 deg 55' 31.24197" W as reported by the instrument (plug these coordinates into Google Earth)

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