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UACNJ Fundraising Challenge Match

A generous donor will match your donation dollar-for-dollar (up to $5000) when you donate to our Midkiff Observatory Project this month.

Did you know that we are building a new observatory?

One of our volunteers, Alan Midkiff, donated a 25" telescope to United Astronomy Clubs of New Jersey in 2018 and after many months of preparation, including consultations with engineers and architects, soliciting bids for the construction, and hiring a contractor, we are ready to break ground on a 16' x 16' observatory to house this JMI Newtonian reflecting telescope. Our previous fundraising for this project more than covered these preliminary steps, but more funds are needed to see this project through to completion. A generous donor has pledged to match the next $5000 raised for the Midkiff Observatory. If we meet this goal, UACNJ will be able to cover the rest of the project with funds on hand.

You may send your donation to UACNJ at P.O. Box 150, Hope, NJ 07844 (make checks payable to UACNJ please) or donate using PayPal or a credit card on the left side menu of this website. We hope to begin construction next month, so please make your donation by April 30th to ensure that your dollars are doubled; the donor's match ends May 1st.

All donations to UACNJ are tax deductible and all donors will receive a receipt for income tax purposes. Donors will be recognized on a plaque in the new observatory when it is complete.

Thank you for supporting UACNJ! If you have any questions about this project or United Astronomy Clubs of New Jersey, please write to

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